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Why Dakota Minerals and Organics?

How can we say this gently?  Environment, environment, environment.  We at Dakota Minerals and Organics know that not every farm can be organic.  Question:  Why not go natural?  Our products are NOT petroleum based, but all natural. What does that mean?

According to National Geographic.com conventional fertilizers that are derived from petroleum can contain an equivalent of 2.5 gallons of gasoline for a 40# bag.  Imagine pouring gasoline on your crop. Unfortunately, itís done every day.  

Fact:  Our products are over 50% organic and 50% natural, thus not harming the environment, the air, the animals or our water sources. 

Fact:  There are no animal by-products in our plant food.  There is no peat in our plant food.  There is no sewage in our plant food. There is no oil base or petroleum in our plant food. What we have in our plant food is micro-organisms.  Synthetic fertilizers can kill these helpful organisms, sterilizing your soil and creating a dependence, like an addiction, to synthetic replacements.

When we take care of our land, we automatically take care of our food source.  Quality is where itís at.  Our products are safe, efficient and long-standing for a sustainable environment.  So, donít choose GMO, choose DMO, Dakota Minerals and Organics.  Life is good when we go green. 

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