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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Are these products good for indoor and outdoor plants?

A: Yes! However, you will decrease the dosage for you indoor plants.

Q: Do I have to use KingCal Organic as well as the 16.14.14 on my plants?

A: No, however when you use KingCal Organic, it accelerates your plant food so that your plants can absorb nutrients quicker and more efficiently.

Q: Is there any plant that I can't use these products on?

A: Yes, palm trees.

Q: Is this a petroleum based product?

A: No! It is 100% natural and 57% organic!

Q: Is this product harmful for animals?

A: No! This product is not only pet safe, but safe for you as well.

Q: Is this product environmentally friendly? Is it safe for the water table?

A: Absolutely!

Q: How long will it take to see a change?

A: Usually within a few days. (Weather conditions can change growth/speed)

Q: What happens if I put too much product on my plants? Will it kill them?

A: No. Itís like putting too much food on your plate. Plants eat like humans. They eat when theyíre hungry.

Q: Why should I use this product instead of another brand?

A: Most brands are petroleum based. Our product is not. You are healing the land by using our products and you are polluting the land by using petroleum based products. A 40lb bag of conventional fertilizer is equivalent to 2.5 gallons of gasoline according to an article from National Geographic.

Q: It seems that your pricing is high for only 1lb...

A: Unfortunately shipping and handling is a little expensive these days, but understand that this one pound will feed a 200 square foot garden for one year. In other words, itís highly concentrated.