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Why Dakota Minerals and Organics?

How can we say this gently? 
Environment, environment, environment. 
We at Dakota Minerals and Organics know that not every farm can be organic. 
Question:  Why not go natural? 
Our products are NOT petroleum based, but all natural. What does that mean?

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Dakota Minerals LLC 16-14-14 to Scotts Miracle Gro 20-20-20 All Purpose

16-14-14  Full Diet For Your Garden $20.00 s&h included!
This is our flagship food that contains every secondary and minor nutrient including calcium, bio-stimulant betaines and nitrogen made from protein.  This natural product contains seaweed and humics.  It carries a low salt index.  Foliar mist, rainbird, drip or drench.  No chlorides. Water soluble. Apply this food and watch what your plants say.  

1lb = feeds 200sq ft garden for a whole year!


King Cal Organic  Transfers Plant Food to the Roots of your plant! $22.00 s&h included!
One of our best sellers!  King Cal soluble is a readily available high molecular weight calcium that is derived from the pulp of certain deciduous trees.  It is 100% organic.  Other calciums used in agriculture include calcium carbonate and calcium nitrate.  Some manufacturers add a little nitrogen to their calcium to “trick” the plant into taking up their particular calcium.  The plant then has to “digest” this calcium to make it available to the plant.  King Cal calcium is basically pre-digested.  King Cal soluble calcium is a very fine dry powder that easily and completely dissolves in water and is applied through irrigation or can be used as a foliar.  King Cal calcium is available to the plant as soon as it enters the soil or leaf.  Our product contains six times the calcium of calcium carbonate.  Applied with our other plant foods, this is like a turbo boost to the plant engine.

1lb = 96 Gallons = feeds 200sq ft garden for 2 years!



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