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You know what, we switched to flowers & left the veggie garden empty this year.

We put in Purple Heather, Columbine, Hen & Chicks, Bell of Ireland, Forsythia, Violet, Morning Glory & Four-O-Clocks. These went into new beds where no lawn or garden had been. And, by the way, we have gumbo for dirt and the Dakota Minerals was fantastic.

Tina Gikowski

Dear Flower Power manufacturers,

Wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am with the Flower Power on my Christmas Cactus and Mums. They are wonderful this year!!

Grace Engelmann - Omaha, NE
Don, JD & Kelly,

Please come over & see our beautiful flower garden when you get a chance. I donít think I have ever seen such rich color and strong plants. The blossoms are huge.

Maris Dickey - Rapid City, S.D.

P.S. The strawberries in the back are wonderful too.

I donít know what you folks did to our Evergreen row, but I love it. For 6 or 7 years our Spruce & Pine trees have grown about 4 inches each year. This year they filled out and grew 2 feet. Also, the grape vines growing along the fence by the front lawn have really perked up and produced many more grapes than every before. I know you didnít feed them directly, but the lawn & tree food has fed them too. Call me for an application this fall.

Kathy Brooks - Rapid City, S.D.


Dear Main Crop USA Lawn & Tree Service,

Hello, I am writing to you to thank you for the wonderful products you have applied to my garden, trees and lawn.

I live a ways out of town & have to haul my own water. I have planted approx. 20 small trees every year for 4 or 5 years. In the past years, I assumed I was not getting enough water for my new trees. I have lost so many trees the last few years and was about to give up. This year I tried out your product Dakota Minerals plant food.

I am proud to say that I only lost 2 trees this year and that was only due to the rabbits chomping them down. They are beautiful and growing great. I have had an apple tree for 7 years and it finally produced apples this year for the first time.

My garden is also the biggest it has ever been. I have so many beans & tomatoes this year I do not know what to do with them all.

Thanks again for your products & I will definitely be using them again next year.

Cinda Hayne - Rapid City, SD


Dear Main Crop USA Lawn & Turf Systems,

I am writing to thank you for the great work you have done on my lawn this year. I appreciate your help fixing the front and side lawn where I applied Weed-N-Feed and burned the grass. It looks the best on the block & my daughter and all her friends all want to play in our yard because the grass is so soft.

See you in the spring for another year of great service,

Rosa Shinzel - Rapid City, SD

I am sending these pictures of my pumpkin garden to you to show you how great your fertilizer has been to me this year.
Last year my daughter wanted a huge pumpkin for Halloween. Needless to say, she was mad at me when I picked the biggest pumpkin at 20 pounds.
This year, there are 4 pumpkins out there that I can hardly lift by myself, and it is only early September. Boy, is she ready for Halloween this year.
Our whole garden is wonderfully huge this year. Thank you for introducing me to your products. Donít forget me next year.

Justin Davis - Rapid City, SD


Vegetable crop:
Rita Borges, Wapakoneta, Ohio
Application rate: 1 ounce of granule per
200 sq. ft. of row. (2 ft. X 100 ft. rows)

She saw appreciable difference in root mass of plants with granule verses control.
Noted a reduction of fertilizer required
to produce equal volume of fruit &
vegetable during middle to end of season.
Will purchase for 2011.

Note: Each test was separated by 10 ft. of distance to reduce Friendly intrusion by microflora on granules.
Vegetable crop:
Harold Dickey Ė tomato gardener
Application rate: 1 granule per plant
Crop: Early Girl (large fruit) Ė 4 plants Tomy Plum (small fruit) Ė 4 plants

Control, each without granule Ė 4 plants

Results: Plants with granule still producing fruit in October of 2010.

Control plants, no longer producing blossom or fruit, pulled from garden on October 11, 2010

Will purchase for 2011 season